Monica Bustamante (Madrid, 1985) began studying Art History in Madrid, at the Complutense University, but a year of Erasmus in France in close contact with the Faculty of Fine Arts, made her find her true vocation: interior design.

Upon her return, she also enrolled in IADE, combining both careers, which has given her a special background to her practice that can be seen in her specially gifted hand when it comes to composing or choosing colors. While still a student of the latter, in 2009, she was selected to decorate the facade of the Hotel Soho Vinci in the first edition of the Decoracción festival, organized by the magazine Nuevo Estilo in Madrid’s Barrio de Las Letras.
Recently bachelor from one and graduated from the other, in 2010, she joined Isabel López-Quesada’s studio. In the seven years Mónica Bustamante spent here, with an impasse of three years in which she lived in Mexico with her family, she soaked up the know-how of High Decoration, which takes care of even the smallest detail, and ended up in charge of very large projects.

In 2017 she decided to start her own practice specializing in residences, all of them in a refreshed classic style without stridency, contained, calm, thought for the long run and conceived as a good tailor-made suit, special but comfortable. “The project of a house involves a lot of illusion but also a lot of nerves. Our role is help our clients, to help them develop it, implement it and enjoy through the process,” explains the interior designer.


This is how we work, this is what we believe in. These are the strengths of our studio and what you can expect from us.

1.A good “box”, that is, well thought out and impeccably executed spaces, is the best starting point for a good decoration. That is why we like to intervene from the beginning, even advising in the process of buying a house, to see the possibilities of the space. From the pre-project, during the development of the project, to the construction management, we always want our clients to make the best decisions. The studio is organized in two departments: the construction one and decoration, both in close communication. In this way we speed up times, because reform and interior design are thought in parallel and we do not miss any detail.

2. Each house, besides being beautiful, must fit like a glove to its inhabitants, reflect their personality and respond to their needs. With this purpose in mind we make a thorough study of their preferences, tastes, hobbies, habits and foresee in advance the different situations and uses that will be given to the spaces. Everything seems easy because everything is well thought out.

3. Functionality and practicality are priorities that we execute in the most aesthetic way. We believe that order implies domestic well-being, peace and harmony, although we avoid translate these aims into cold, aseptic or bare spaces. A well conceived house is like an orchestra, each thing has its place and the ensemble of all must sound nicely.

4. We are a small team because we want to be able to give a direct, close and personalized treatment. During the process we share with the clients every step to take but without them having to take care of anything, we do it for them: from the removal to the last detail of the mise en scene.

5. We don’t conceive showrooms where nothing can be moved from its place and we don’t repeat formulas, our projects are unique. That is why, when it comes to decorating, we like to start with one or several existing pieces that have a special significance for the owners, furniture or works of art, which set the rhythm, and build the spaces departing from them, looking for their best complements. We prefer to be imposed than to impose.


Texts: Isabel Melgarejo.